The first EMOPAIN facial expression and movement behaviour challenge, EMOPAIN-2020, to be held in conjunction with the Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG) Conference 2020 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is calling for contributions in the form of papers and competition in the challenge. The competition is based on the EMOPAIN dataset which contains both face and multimodal movement data from real participants with chronic pain performing physical activity. The challenge consists of three main components:

  • Pain intensity estimation from facial expressions
  • Pain level recognition from multi-modal movements
  • Pain-related multi-modal movement behaviour classification

Participants are invited to participate in one or more of the sub-challenges. For more information about the challenge, see

Call for papers

To register and access the challenge data, please send an email to For each task, training and validation data will be made available to participants. At the end of the competition, participants will be required to submit their trained models (in the form of working code) to the organisers. All submissions will be evaluated on a held-out test dataset to ensure a fair comparison. Participants will also be required to submit a paper describing their proposed approach for tackling the challenge’s task(s) as well as the results obtained. Papers not participating in the challenge will not be considered. The paper review process will be double-blind.


Submission deadlines are as follows:

  • 14 October 2019 – Call for participation announced, data available
  • 17 January 2020 – Final submission of challenge systems for evaluation
  • 24 January 2020 – Paper submission deadline
  • 31 January 2020 – Papers assigned to reviewers
  • 11 February 2020 – Review deadline
  • 18 February 2020 – Decisions sent to authors
  • 21 February 2020 – Camera ready version to Challenge Organisers via EasyChair
  • 28 February 2020 – Camera ready versions to FG Publication Chairs


General Chairs: Prof Nadia Berthouze, University College London (UCL), Dr Amanda Williams, UCL, Dr Michel Valstar, University of Nottingham, Dr Hongying Meng, Brunel University London, Dr Min Aung, University of East Anglia, Dr Nicholas Lane, University of Oxford.
Data Chairs: Dr Joy Egede, University of Nottingham, Dr Temitayo Olugbade, UCL, Chongyang Wang, UCL, Siyang Song, University of Nottingham.