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Conference Guidelines

Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction conference guidelines.

Conference Guidelines

Proposals to host the Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction must conform to the following guidelines adopted by the Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing.

AAAC Conference Guidelines

Review Criteria

  • Originality: Paper describes original results, or original analysis of previously published results. If the paper includes any results or analysis previously published by this or any other author, the boundary between published and novel work is clearly delimited by appropriate citation.
  • Significance: Results and analysis are of potential interest to others working in the field of affective computing.
  • Correctness: Derivations and algorithms are correct.
  • Clarity: Motivation, methods, results, and analysis are clear.

Review Process

  • Double blind process: papers are submitted anonymously; reviewers remain anonymous as well.
    Program committee: members of the PC cover the various domains of ACII. Their role is to review a certain number of papers following the review criteria listed above.
  • Senior program committee: for each assigned paper, their role is to check the quality of the reviews and open discussions among reviewers to arrive to a consensus, if possible, for each paper. During this discussion period a rebuttal procedure might be organized. This is, however, not a mandatory requirement.
  • The senior program committee of the ACII conference is subject to final approval by the AAAC.

Submission guidelines

One can choose allowing for short papers to be submitted besides the long papers. They should not differ in quality.

  • Long papers describe high-quality mature work
  • Short papers can present novel and original ideas that are still in a preliminary stage of development

Registration Fees

Pricing for the conference must be approved by the Executive Committee of the AAAC. The committee will judge pricing on fairness and a number of other criteria.

  • Organizers may require that at least one author register for the conference for a paper to be included in the proceedings
  • For each paper one of the authors needs to pay a registration fee. The registration fee can cover several papers by the author.
  • AAAC members must be offered a reduced fee.
  • Non-AAAC members must be offered membership in the Association. The fee for non-AAAC members has to be equal to the fee for AAAC members plus at least the AAAC membership fee. Non-AAAC members can decide whether or not they become a member. In case they become a member, the fee is transferred to the AAAC.
  • Students pay a reduced registration fee.

Budget Guidelines

The budget for the conference has to be approved by the AAAC’s Executive Committee. Budgets will be judged on a number of criteria.

ACII conferences are intended to be non-profit. To keep the registration fees as low as possible, the work inside the organizing group is normally not charged to the conference, but regarded as internal sponsorship. Engagement of external sponsors is encouraged. These could either be local (e.g. university, industry or grant-giving agencies) or co-organisers such as EU organizations (ESPRIT/COST).

The Association is not currently able to guarantee financial support to cover losses that might be incurred by conference organizers.

Conference proposals that include some form of profit sharing to help establish a “buffer fund” (to cover possible losses at future conferences) will be favourably considered.

A Doctoral consortium should be organized:

As for the main conference, an organizing committee should ensure:

  • Long papers are submitted
  • Program committee members are defined
  • The review is geared toward the pertinence and originality of the subject as well as the proposed methodology

Website Guidelines

  • The AAAC logo must be included on the website
  • The website needs to clearly mention that this is the: Bi-annual Conference of the Association for the Advancement of Affective Computing
  • The website of the ACII conferences must contain a link to the AAAC website

Publication Guidelines

  • The AAAC logo must be included on the front cover of the proceedings
  • The title of the proceedings is to be “Proceedings of the Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction Conference [YEAR] – ACII [YEAR]”

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